Holiday Mini-Package




Just in time for the holiday season. Holiday Mini-Package includes a box of 4 of Cranberry Delights, box of 4 of Peppermint, box of 4 of Orange Zest.  Total 12 amazing truffles

Cranberry Delights Truffles:
Tastes as gorgeous as it looks … super creamy, very flavorful and covered in medium dark French chocolate … Share it … or not … just indulge for the holidays.

Peppermint Truffles:
WOW – refreshing – soothing – all in one small bite. Eva’s Peppermint Delights are the perfect holiday go to.

Orange Zest Truffles:
A total mouthfeel surprise. French milk chocolate, Orange marmalade and flavorings and French dark chocolate coating with white chocolate sprinkles. It’s a good one.