Best Seller Mini Bundle




Perfect for any occasion. Eva’s Best Seller Mini Bundle includes a box of 4 of Dark Chocolate, box of 4 of Raspberry, and box of 4 of Espresso.  Total 12 amazing truffles

Dark French Chocolate Truffles:
— plain, dark, delicious. The Pink Himalayan salt sprinkles give it just that extra … you know. The perfect ending to any luncheon or dinner event.

French Dark Raspberry Zinfandel Truffles:
Romantic, dark and full of fresh raspberry flavor. Enjoy with some champagne for Valentine’s day. Sophisticated and perfect for Raspberry fans. Medium dark French chocolate with Raspberry flavors, Zinfandel, white chocolate and pink Himalayan salt sprinkles on top. Perfect pairing with a nice Port for your dinner guests. Enjoy.

Sonoma Roasted Espresso  Chocolate Truffles:
—Inspired by local coffee roasters in Sonoma. Pairing several French chocolates, fresh Espresso, and white chocolate sprinkles on top. If you accidentally drop one in your coffee by mistake, you’ll have an “instant Mocha”.