I have had chocolate from some of the great chocolate creators–Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium, and the best in NYC–but I have to say that Eva’s Delights are completely original in their flavors. I was sure I would not like Amaretto or the Caramel; normally I can’t stand these flavors. But I’m coming to the opinion that they are now my favorites: such an exquisite taste, not like the sticky-sweet, dominating taste (normally) of those two flavorings. The Himilayan Pink Salt is so unusual in the way it hits the palate, and the Ghost Pepper, well, I’ve not tasted anything like it. The chockolate itself is yummy and just the right blend of outer hard and inner soft but the flavors Eva has mastered, they are unique and superior. And, THANK YOU, EVA, for teaching me (after all these years, even in NY and Europe) how to eat gourmet chocolate, instead of the swooning gobbling I usually do. And I can hard wait to try the right wine with all these things! BRAVA to you!

~ Marcia P.


They were delicious! Thank you so much for making these for us, Eva!” ~ Leigh W.

Eva's Delights wedding Favors Truffles

When it comes to Eva’s Delights, weddings are the perfect place for truffles. Leigh and Max Weinberg chose caramel and amaretto truffles as their wedding favors for their October 2015 wedding. Great choices and surely enjoyed by all. Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing event. (Photo by Vinh Nguyen Photography)

Tasting an Eva’s Delights truffle is bliss! ~ Penny H.